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Accelerate room

The Accelerate Makerspace is Wentworth’s hub for innovation, collaboration, and making just about anything! Whether you’re ideating on a new startup, working on a personal project, or looking to bring your academic assignments to the next level, we got you covered. Our tools + resources are free to use for all WIT Students, faculty and staff no matter what your background or experience level is.

Unlock your full potential and discover new skills through training and workshops, collaborate and innovate in our ideation space + project rooms, or just be inspired by the things your peers are making right here in our Makerspace!

Our space includes:
-Full woodshop/hand tools
-Electronic/soldering station
-Sewing station
-Digital fabrication equipment
-Media equipment


Accelerate Makerspace

CEIS Building, 1st floor, 555 Parker St.
Boston, MA 02120

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